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100 % Made  In Japan

"I want to build a surfboard that I'd get excited to ride on" was Ota-san's inspiration when he first started the INTO surfboard brand. Up until 2009, Ota-san had been focusing on various extreme actions. But when he first rode an Alaia surfboard in 2009, the experience was so different than what he had been used to. Since then, he started to look at surfing in a completely different way. Without fins, buoyancy or rocker, the Alaia surfboard felt very smooth. He was hooked even though he was just cruising on the wave. He could finally see various phases of a wave that he had never seen before. This new style of surfing was very refreshing to him. He realized that it is possible to enjoy surfing in any wave condition.

To Ota-san, any wave is a wave that you can enjoy. So he wants to build surfboard that everybody can appreciate the simple joy of riding a wave.

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